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Sea Salt Paste

The COVID-19 pandemic has doubled the emphasis on oral hygiene. With dental offices closed around the world, a former American model and online marketer decided it is the best time to launch its first toothpaste. After two years of research, consultations with dentists, the product is available using digitally printed best shape tubes: a 100-gram sea salt paste decorated with a seaside image design. The tube boasts of 360 endless design and bathroom-friendly style.

As end-consumers are already aware of the benefits of salt, it is not surprising that our design team suggested to focus on creating a packaging design that demonstrates both quality and transparency for conscious consumers. The sea waves illustration is printed on a mono-material PE tube, which compliments the sea salt ingredient in the toothpaste. This further emphasizes the brand's natural approach and encourages people to get closer to nature in their oral care habits.

Decoration: The white tube is fully decorated with high-quality, photo-realistic image of the ocean, sand and salt grains which immediately connects the packaging to the product substance. The sea waves and sand look almost real thanks to the wide color gamut and the ability to print half tones and color shifts in any hue. Coupled with 360° decoration with no gap or overlap it seems that the ocean-like design continues endlessly.

The key take away
It is just a click away to start working with one of our designers to make your vision come to life or host your own design contest using our customized online tool. In our user-friendly web shop it is easy to make the best design for your oral care product, let alone limited editions.

Project Sea Salt Toothpaste
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