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We bring joy and relief to people in their everyday life

The best packaging is the one that is obsolete. But in our health and beauty society, we all brush our teeth, sanitize our hands, wear make-up or day cream and try to get relief from pain and age through skin and oral applications. Doing all this, we require safe, hygienic and convenient packaging that keeps the valuable products well protected.

In order to bring joy and relief to people's lives, we started tube production at Neopac in the 50ties, for a Swiss oral care brand that is now globally available. We combine our expertise in functional high-barrier technologies with esthetical features that makes our Polyfoil® tubes still unique in protection and look. At this stage, we are building our future, a whole range of EcoDesign tubes, with our next generation recyclable barrier tubes with unique esthetic properties. In order to bring joy not only to people but also relief to the environment.

At Neopac Hungary, we are proud to continue our story with our new flexible decoration service DigitAll360° in order to serve customers who we could not supply before, and to speed up time-to-market for our existing longterm partners in the beauty and health industry.

Let's have the courage to try something new, and to do it a little bit better every day.

Thanks for joining us on our packaging journey.

Mark Aegler
CEO Hoffmann Neopac

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We are honest, respectful and look to improve ourselves continuously.


We invest in new products, technologies and employees and waste no resources.


We try out new ways of doing things, work together and decide fast.


We keep our promises.