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Jutzi Schlossdrogerie - Wallwurz Gel

Schloss-Drogerie Jutzi, a Swiss manufacturer of natural medicinal products located in Oberhofen at the beautiful Lake of Thun, was founded in 1950 and has now grown into a second-generation company. Their renowned product "Wallwurz Gel" (comfrey gel) provides relief for sports injuries, inflammations, muscle aches, rheumatism, bruises, strains and sprains, has been successfully established on the Swiss market.

Seeing himself confronted with some developments at his long-term and trusted supplier, Mr. Jutzi decided to take advantage of the latest technology in digital printing and ordering tube packaging online. He decided to continue the thirty years collaboration with Neopac and accepted some changes on the tube specifications.

Although some efforts were needed on client’s side, Mr. Jutzi was particularly satisfied with our DigitAll360° web shop service, mainly due to its simplicity and logical/easy to use platform. Thanks to the short response times, the whole process went smoothly and the finished product was quickly on the shelves of the Swiss market. We thankful to have such loyal clients and we are looking forward to supporting Mr. Jutzi in future projects.

Key takeaway: Taking advantage of the instructions and guidelines that are accessible on our DigitAll360° web shop results in a smooth ordering process as it is structured in a logical way to make the procedure effortless.

Client Jutzi Schlossdrogerie
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