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Consumers as well as the industry care about ecologically responsible products and packaging. Especially young designers, start-ups and indie brands dare to think and act differently and often find alternative solutions. Many good reasons for us to offer you best practice eco-designed tube packaging that supports your sustainable strategy.

Our commitment to sustainable packaging

Join the green way of Neopac and commit to sustainable tube packaging. To start with, we offer you digitally printed tubes on mono-material PE tubes with PE hinge caps. The tubes are recyclable in existing mechanical PE recycling streams.

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There is more to come in short: Catch a glimpse of our complete EcoDesign tube portfolio, that reaches from bio-based materials (sugarcane and wood tubes) to high performance barrier tubes with a metallic look. Another thing will be our lightweight tubes with thin-wall technology.

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Our sustainable tube products

Our tubes come with high barrier properties to protect your product over a long period but also in combination with products that keep an eye on the resources:

PE tube: Standard mono layer tube

This mono-tube is ready for recycling in the PE stream.

RECYCLED tube: Enhance the sustainability of your packaging with our PCR material

Combined with recycled plastic up to a level of 70%, they contain 64% PCR material, making them one of the highest PCR proportion in the tube packaging industry.

PICEA™ wood tube: Spruce wood sawmill waste is processed into our tube packaging.

In combination with sugarcane material, over 95% of the wood tube comes from renewable resources.

SUGARCANE tube: An outstanding choice for carbon reduction since captures CO2 during its growth

These eco-friendly tubes can easily be recycled, and their natural fibers naturally degrade, leaving a minimal environmental footprint.

Eco-friendly benefits of digital tube printing

Not only tube material is important when looking at sustainability. With our latest printing technology, we achieve a huge step forward in eco-friendly tube making:

Less waste

With digital printing, we immediately achieve good results from the first printed piece. The tube waste created during the ramp-up phase of traditional tube making to match the required result becomes obsolete. All the more, our printer calculates the ink needed for your specific artwork and there is no waste of "specific color" pre-mixtured ink.

We significantly reduce the waste for small job changes since we are printing ready-to-print stock tubes.

Less set-up equipment

No screens or plates are needed to set up the printing machine. This type of equipment needed for the likes of screen and rotary printing will eventually go to waste once the design has completed production and is no longer usable.

Designs are digitally submitted – no extra print proofing

Screen, flexo and offset printing techniques typically require physical print proofs and color range boards in order to start the printing process. In digital printing, however, designs can be digitally submitted and then printed directly from the machine to the tube, meaning that no physical print proof is necessary, therefore reducing the amount of waste produced.