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Sun Screen Face & Body

A Neopac customer, cashback website who takes the commission ("cashback") usually paid by retailers to third-party referrers and passes it on to its members, chose a unique way to promote its services. A complimentary tube of sunscreen was given to new subscribers that opened a cashback account in their website.

The brief we received from the client was: print 2,000 tubes for the first trial and increase the quality in accordance with the number of new subscribers as long as the promotion goes on. Since the number of subscribers exceeded our customer expectations, they ordered another 4,000 tubes with a slightly different design, where the cap color changed from brown to yellow and the white text was replaced by a more vivid color.

Decoration: The sunscreen tube showcases fine gradients going from light green at the top of the tube to light brown and all the way to darker brown at the bottom of the cap. The up-to-date design includes many animated figures in high range of colors all around the tube. The colors are specific Pantones requested by our client that were easily and accurately matched by our digital printing technology. The design continues all the way to include the cap resulting in a unique, beautiful design not seen in stores today.

Key take away
Our client had a very pleasant experience with the new printing technology. We delivered the decorated tubes significantly faster and showed better quality performance than any other direct-to-shape digital printing technology. Additionally, in the initial phase, Neopac's digital user-friendly artwork guidelines helped the client to customize its design easily. We take pride in our order process and lead time flexibility that saved our client time and lowered the cost of carrying inventory.

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