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PURE GLOW Moisturizing Face Cream

Several social media influencers have parlayed their popularity by launching their own beauty products. It is well-known, that influencer buzz can drive sales, but in the long-term what makes a brand viable is the quality of the product and customer experiences. It is especially true for skincare products since consumers are showing increasing interest in both packaging and ingredients.

Melanie, our German client, would leave nothing to chance when it comes to her new product. She chose custom-made printed tubes and with the help of our artwork design team added a beautiful script font and a teal accent color – bringing the minimal design to life. Her digitally printed Glow face cream packaging is not only elegant and sophisticated but in addition were sold out within days.

Decoration: The tube is decorated with marble-like texture in greenish and bluish colors combined with small dots in the same shades. The product name “Glow” continues the design line of the pattern creating a minimalistic yet elegant and powerful design. The use of light colors is enabled thanks to the digital technology that can easily print half-tones and gradients and achieve any desired design.

Key take away
For new launches and one-time products, digital printing is the perfect solution. Following the huge success of Melanie's face cream product, we have strong faith in the brand's future releases and firmly believe that minimal designs can make a big impact.

Client Melanie's
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