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We take responsibility for quality and product safety

As a leading manufacturer of primary packaging, we follow a consistent quality policy and align ourselves with the needs of our customers. We continuously optimize systems and processes to ensure the highest product quality in the future, too.

We have defined standard checks on stock tubes and printing quality, in order to meet your requirements. Among this, you find

Check out our quality, envoironmental and product safety policy for the Hungarian plant as well as our downloadable Quality certificates.

Our certifications

Quality, environmental and product safety policy Neopac Hungary (EN)
ISO 9001
BRC/IoP Global Standard 5.0
ISO 14001

Tube quality certificates

General Declaration of Compliance (CDoC)
Material specification PE Tube ⌀ 30 mm (200820-1)
Material specification PE Tube ⌀ 35 mm (200820-2)
Material specification PE Tube ⌀ 40 mm (200820-3)
Material specification PE Tube ⌀ 50 mm (200820-4)

Something went wrong?

Even though we do everything to meet your expectations, things can go wrong or damages to tubes can happen on the way to you. If you are not satisfied with our quality or service, give us a chance to react before rating us on Trustpilot or Social Media. Submit your claim and we will check the issue and propose a solution within 3 working days.

In order to preserve quality of plastic tubes it is recommended that the tubes are stored:

  • in normal temperature conditions between 10°C and 35°C
  • in a place which has a humidity of 40-60% and which is protected against direct sunlight
  • in a clean place free of contamination
  • in a way that the stacking of the cardboard boxes which contain the tubes does not lead to any squeezing of tubes
  • in their original transport packaging


Complaints can only be processed and, if applicable, acknowledged, if they are submitted in writing, indicating the order number, order date, invoice number and invoice date and if the complaints are accompanied by samples, photographs or equivalent evidence as well as the appertaining shipping label from the packing.

Justified complaint parameters:

  • Tube dimensions: deformation of the tube, wrong inner diameter, wrong length (with cap), wall thickness tolerance
  • Tube dimensions: deformation of the tube, wrong inner diameter, wrong length (with cap), wall thickness tolerance
  • Tube material: wrong tube material, contamination (foreign material), no sealability
  • Cap: missing cap, wrong cap, cap falling off
  • Quantity: wrong amount of delivered items
  • Design / visual: wrong artwork / design, wrong varnish (matt / glossy), missing characters or elements, readability of barcode, scratches
  • Administration / service level

More details about complaints and the complaint handling can be found at Terms & Conditions and at our FAQ section.