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Ray Care - Sunscreen

Ray Care, based in Ghent, is a company dedicated to producing genuinely health-conscious and sustainable beauty products in-house.

Founder Hilde Nys and her son Thomas are on a mission to manufacture and develop quality products that focus on the health of our skin and planet. Additionally, they only include active and functional ingredients in their products. They can achieve these goals by creating the formula in their own laboratory.

Their latest product, the „spf30 sunscreen”, has the classic Ray design as it features a simple, one-color background with the product name and their key message.

Although our digital printing machine is capable of creating complex artworks such as photo-realistic images and smooth gradients, the minimalist design was practical and untroublesome during the printing procedure. From the first contact with our webshop to several orders, Ray shared the opinion that our system is an easy-to-use, well-constructed platform.

Key takeaway: DigitAll360° web shop by Neopac is building strong connections with clients by combining high-quality, sustainable tube packaging materials with excellent services. This approach leads to trust, which makes Ray able to focus on developing their business.

Client Ray Care
Categories Personal Care