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How it works

Our new shop for digitally printed tubes offers you fast way to order a custom packaging. Benefit from the expert's choice – simply upload your design to the standard specification, get a free 3D preview and quality check - and checkout. Only 30 days later, your individual, high-quality and hygienic tube packaging is on the way. Ordering tube packaging has never been so easy and fast!

Your custom tube in 6 steps

Design Custom Tube and Order

Our Neopac Service DigitAll360° for PC and mobile devices gives you the possibility to custom design and order stock tubes – easily and comfortably, 24/7, from anywhere in the world. Choose a sample order if you need to perform compatibility tests or line trials first. You can access your account and re-order your tubes with one click.

Intelligent Artwork Check

Once you upload your artwork, you can see your tube in a 360° visualization before it's printed. Our intelligent proof immediately checks the quality of your PDF and gives you a feedback on printability with our equipment, such as image resolution, font sizes, line items, color codes or hidden non-printing items. This way, we ensure a smooth and hassle-free printing process for your tube packaging.

Digital Printing

A special highlight is our high performance digital printer that achieves an extended color gamut range. The direct-to-shape printing technology meets highest expectations in color matching, photorealistic images and offers 360° degree endless decoration without overlapping. Even up to the closures and far to the tube end.

Video-Based Quality Check

The flawless design of the packaging is crucial when it comes to the purchase decision in store, but also during daily use for overall satisfaction of the product. High-speed cameras ensure 100 % seamless monitoring and sort out flawed models straight away.

Smart Delivery

We ship your tubes exclusively with package delivery service providers. The dispatch packaging for your merchandise is manufactured to measurement and always offers optimal protection.

Latest Digital Printing Technology: Extended Color Gamut Range

Real special colors are the pick of the crop when it comes to printing tubes and convince with their excellent esthetics. But there are also drawbacks: The color management, set-up and mass production involves high costs and takes up a lot of time.
This is why Neopac uses the extended color mode to realize special colors. By combining the classic CMYK-scheme with the color orange plus several half tones for gradients, even complicated designs can be implemented quickly, cost-effectively and in breakthrough quality.

We are experts in tubes. And your industry

Every industry has different requirements for packaging materials, such as legal compliance, barrier properties or decoration. It comes in handy to have a partner at your side, which is well informed and always eager to try something new. A partner like Neopac: We have the expertise and technologies to produce top-class tube packaging for the beauty, oral care, otc and pharma industry. Now also for the smaller players.